Note to those looking for updates on this year's encampment: Check out the Facebook page! It can be found here. Remember, you don't have to be on Facebook to see pictures and posts.

Welcome to the website of the Ohio Wing Encampment. Throughout the year, Civil Air Patrol cadets and senior members come together to plan what we hope to be one of the best weeks of a cadet's life. 

The following site should provide some answers to questions you may have concerning our encampment. If you have additional questions, comments or concerns, feel free to visit the Contact Us section to figure out how to contact us.


Parents, Friends, and members of Ohio Wing --

Graduation ceremonies for the 2015 Ohio Wing Encampment will be held on Saturday 27 June 2015.  The Graduation will be held on the campus of Wright State University, Fairborn Ohio in 109 Oelman Hall at 10:00.  A map of WSU is available CLICK HERE.  

Please park in Lot 4, and proceed to Oelman Hall.  The Graduation ceremony is a celebration of the cadets accomplishments at encampment, and includes acknowledgment of this accomplishment, awards for achievements, and a short video of the highlights of the week. 

After the graduation, weather permitting, we will hold a pass in review at Soccer Field 4, a short distance from Oelman Hall.

Directions to the Graduation Ceremony and cadet pickup from I-675: 

  1. Exit 17 to N Fairfield Rd
  2. Turn Right onto N Fairfield Rd
  3. Turn Left onto Colonel Glenn Hwy
  4. Turn Right on Center Rd (First WSU entrance)
  5. Veer Right onto Loop Rd
  6. Follow Loop Rd until it ends at University Blvd
  7. Turn Left onto University Blvd
  8. Proceed to Lot 4
  9. After Graduation, at 1:00PM, proceed to Lot 10 for pickup

After the Graduation and Pass-In-Review, the cadets will return to the dorms for out-processing.  Out-processing will take place at 1:00 to 2:00 PM immediately following the Graduation and Pass-In-Review at Lot 10 at Wright State University. You may pick up your cadet at that time.  (Lot 10 is the same lot where the cadets where dropped off last week.)  Out-processing is a controlled process and basic cadets will not be available to out-process any earlier than 1:00 PM. All basic cadets should depart Wright State University no later than 2:00 PM unless riding home with a staff member.

Thanks, and we look for to seeing you,


Deputy Commander for Support

2015 Ohio Wing Encampment

Who: Civil Air Patrol cadets, especially those who have not attended another encampment.

What: The Civil Air Patrol encampment is a truly unique opportunity for young adults between the ages of 12-21 to expand their leadership skills and gain an early understanding of the military lifestyle. Over the course of a week, new cadets are introduced to a variety of mental and physical challenges designed to build and enforce the Civil Air Patrol Core Values: Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect.

When: Saturday 20 June - Saturday 27 June 2015

Where: Wright-Patterson AFB / Wright State University

Why: Successful completion of an encampment is required for the Billy Mitchell Award and opens up many new and exciting opportunities for CAP cadets, including numerous college and flight scholarshipsNational Cadet Special Activities, and the ability to return to encampment as cadet staff. 

Cost: $250
For more information regarding encampment, visit the Contact Us page.

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