Registration & Payment

Registration is not open yet for 2020

The Ohio Wing 2020 Encampment will be held 4-11 July at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton. We will be housed at Wright State University again this year.  Encampment cost is yet to be determined but should be close to 2019's $265.00.

Before filling out the following an application, please update/verify your information in eServices.
1. Log in to eServices: For all the following steps, verify and update the information on each page as necessary.

2. Click your name in the top right and go to Addresses to update, or click here:

3. Click Contacts on the left side or click here:
Please have at minimum a cell or home phone, PRIMARY email address as your Ohio Wing address, SECONDARY email as a different email address that you check regularly, CADET PARENT EMAIL PRIMARY that your parent/guardian checks regularly, CADET PARENT PHONE PRIMARY as a cell or home phone that your parent/guardian is most easily reached at, and CADET PARENT PHONE EMERGENCY as a phone number that your parent/guardian will answer in the event we need to reach them during encampment. This could be the same number as the primary if applicable, but have a number in both PRIMARY and EMERGENCY.

4. Click Characteristics on the left side or click here:

In addition to registration for Ohio Wing Encampment, cadets can apply for the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP).  CEAP registration is open now, you don't have to wait to register for encampment.

  • Eligibility: Assistance is available to cadets and is targeted towards low-income families. 
  • To Apply: Open the "Cadet Encampment Assistance Program" module in eServices and answer the questions.

Payment Information:  See your Squadron Commander

Signed and scanned forms to Encampment. This can be done by either uploading to or by emailing the files to

David Dlugiewicz,
Apr 9, 2019, 6:44 PM