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Senior Staff Applications

We are now taking applications for the position of Commandant of Cadets for the Ohio Wing 2019 Encampment.  We will be opening other positions in the next few months. The Encampment  will be held 22 - 29 June 2019 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. 

Application form is here: Senior Staff Applications  Deadline for applications is 18 November 2018.

This is the job description from CAPP 60-70 Cadet Encampment Guide:
Commandant of Cadets. Supervises the overall encampment curriculum, cadet training, and leadership and discipline of the cadet corps. Supervises the cadet cadre and is the principal mentor for the cadet executive cadre. This position’s major functional areas include:

• Overall attainment of the encampment’s learning goals for the cadet corps
• Selection of the cadet executive cadre (and possibly squadron commanders), in cooperation with the encampment commander
• Approval of the cadet cadre selections, in cooperation with the cadet commander 
• Design (or supervision of) the encampment curriculum
• Ensuring CAP instructors and host agencies are prepared to lead cadet training activities
• Supervision and mentoring of the training officers 
• Supervision of the safety, fair treatment, and morale of all cadets
• Monitoring of the cadet cadre’s leadership methods and ensuring that cadets are not hazed
• Approval of cadet standard operating procedures (dormitory standards, inspections, rules governing daily life, etc.)

Here are some links to Encampment Regulations and Pamphlets