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Information for Students

Congratulations on being chosen to attend your first Encampment! The week will be exciting, challenging, and rewarding. To make your week as beneficial as possible, proper preparation is key. 

Here are a few subjects you should know before encampment. The CAP reference where you can find more information is also included in parentheses.

CAP Customs and Courtesies (Cadet Leadership manuals and CAPP 151)

-       Saluting - When, where, how

-       Verbal greetings when passing officers


Proper wear of the CAP uniform (CAPM 39-1)

-       Appropriate jewelry for male and female cadets

-       Learn basic ironing skills. Irons and boards are usually available.

-       Blues

o   Appropriate grade insignia on both collars (at least C/Airman since Curry Achievement is required)

o   Proper placement of insignia (measure everything)

o   Wear of flight cap (placement on head)

o   Gig Line

o   V-neck white tee shirts only

o   Purchasing and use of shirt garters

o   Placement of creases in sleeves and pants

o   Shining shoes

o   Ribbon order

-       ABUs/BDUs

o   Appropriate grade insignia on both collars

o   Proper placement of patches and insignia (measure everything)

o   Wear of ABU/BDU caps (placement on head)

o   Blousing ABU/BDU trousers (blousing bands recommended, not the ties in trousers)

o   Rolling ABU/BDU sleeves

o   Tucking in combat boot laces

o   Appropriate t-shirts with ABUs/BDUs (crew neck, ABU / tan, BDU / black)

o   Boot shining (for BDUs)

-       Appropriate haircuts/hairstyles 


Basic drill maneuvers (AFMAN 36-2203 Drill and Ceremonies)

-       Fall In (automatic Dress Right Dress and automatic Ready Front)

-       Attention (know the importance of the position and remaining motionless)

-       Parade Rest

-       At Ease

-       All facing movements

-       Present and Order Arms

-       Flanking movements

-       To the Rear March