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Student Registration

The Ohio Wing Encampment will be held TBD at TBD. In years past, it has been held at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton and housed at Wright State University.  Encampment cost is TBD, but has been $265.00 in years past. 

In addition to registration for Ohio Wing Encampment, cadets can apply for the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP).  CEAP registration is open now, you don't have to wait to register for encampment.
  • Eligibility: Assistance is available to cadets and is targeted towards low-income families. 
  • To Apply: Open the "Cadet Encampment Assistance Program" module in eServices and answer the questions.
Signed and scanned forms to Encampment. This can be done by either uploading to TBD or by emailing the files to TBD.

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