Welcome to the Ohio Wing Encampment website!

Please check out this brief YouTube video for a preview of the facility (right).

Students and cadre can look forward to a week dedicated to multiple teamwork and leadership activities, including team sports, low, and a high ropes course, as well as meeting the core curriculum required by CAP regulations.

More details to come soon as Senior and Cadet cadre are brought on board.... Stay tuned to this site and the Ohio Wing Facebook page for updates!

Latest News

26 JUN 2022:

  • Students and cadre are getting some well deserved rest after an incredible week. Please give us some time to collect all of the photos and videos for posting. We will provide a summary of events in the coming weeks.

    For those students who graduated, we look forward for you returning as cadre next year. Stay tuned for dates for 2023!!

Encampment is a program designed for Civil Air Patrol cadets in Phase I and II of the cadet program. Encampment completion is a requirement for the Mitchell Award (which signifies successful completion of Phase II of the Cadet Program) and consideration for participation on Regional Cadet Leadership School (RCLS) and National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs).

The mission of the Ohio Wing Encampment is to engage cadets and develop their leadership skills in an age appropriate military leadership style environment. Cadets will learn about careers in aerospace and military service, perform physical fitness training to establish camaraderie and further develop their habit of regular exercise, and focus on character development in a leadership setting. Cadets will participate in activities including team building exercises, orientation flights, leadership courses, and emergency services training (the scope of these activities are dependent on available resources).

Applicants must be current Civil Air Patrol cadet members who have completed their first promotion (the Curry Achievement) and have their squadron commander's permission to attend. All requested paperwork and tuition must be on time.

Last updated: 26 JUN 2022